7.12.14: Hustle & Drone, Daniel Rafn, Roman Tick


Up and coming side project of former Portugal. The Man member, Ryan Neighbors joins with another Salem/ Portland electronic songster, Daniel Rafn and Salem buzz band- Roman Tick for a nonstop night of big sounds and art rock dance songs!





Hustle and Drone:Hustle and Drone

Blending synthesizers, heavy bass, and intricate harmonies into well crafted pop songs with a strong emphasis on a great live show. The band formed in early 2012, released an EP later that year, toured Europe in March of 2013, and has been hard at work finishing a full-length record titled ‘Holy Land’.

Music> http://hustleanddrone.bandcamp.com/


Daniel Rafn:

danielrafnDaniel Rafn was born and raised in Salem, Ore. and grew up within a tight-knit community of artists and musicians, including childhood friends Rocky and Eric of Wampire, who were in the art pop quartet Root Villa with Daniel a few years back. While also influenced by 1980s synth pop, Daniel finds equal inspiration in entities as disparate as Chopin and Drake. Daniel’s full live band has reverted for now back to a solo format, performing live using voice and sampler. He has released two albums under the former moniker D.S.R. (“Vocals,” 2005 and “The Wayfarer,” 2009). His 2013 album, “Now The Branches Are Coming Into Leaf,” continues his earnest exploration of masculine/feminine dynamics, romantic love, and the mysteries of the natural world. Music> http://danielrafn.com/


Roman Tick:

Roman TickThe real magic is that there’s room for everyone in Roman Tick, band members and listeners alike. Each track offers a taste of variety, from spirited keyboards to jazzy bass lines, without sounding fussy or manufactured. OPB Music’s Arya Imig writes, “With wiry guitar lines and thrusting synth hooks and rhythms, Roman Tick wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtrack of a classic 80’s John Hughes film. Through their lyrics they communicate both confidence and fragility because let’s face it, sometimes that’s all we have.” The convergence of the band members’ diverse backgrounds – classical piano and heavy distortion and cigarette stained vocals – creates much more than a hollow gesture to the past. Instead, with Roman Tick there is a refreshing element of a band making music for the simple pleasure of the journey, and the invitation to join is extended to everyone. Music> http://www.romantickmusic.com/index.html