9.19.14: Tonya Gilmore, Elvicious Cash, Nate Hagen & Michael Taylor

1939987_375623509251961_2648818132396529758_o@Level B Theater PuB
Doors@8PM, Music@9PM
$5 at the door
all ages+bar w/i.d.

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A host of solo performers will have their turn spinning songs in their most singular and pure form, that of the acoustic singer-songwriter! Four of the area’s top players will perform several standby songs and probably even some new material!

Tonya Gilmore: Portland singer-songwriter Tonya Gilmore is a master of musical suspense.10592913_887883014574225_6829892031660402806_n In her debut album, Phantoms Fill the Sky, she engages the power of the pop song to haunt, to float and whisper, to draw you up close before she goes in for the kill. The album is musically playful and many of her songs are so infectiously catchy they have a tendency to stick in your ear, where they can subconsciously reprogram your woozy mind. But the singability of her hooks only serves as a contrast to the dark depth of her lyrical vision. It is the sound of a single light bulb beaming incandescent light, swinging metronomically over half-lit faces. http://www.tonyagilmoremusic.com/

Elvicious Cash: This local performer has been involved in several performance projects all of which carry his character and witticism to their fullest. Certainly the most intimate of these incarnations is Elvicious Cash solo. He prides himself on acoustic stories and song.

His new CD “seven” will be available to purchase!

Michael Taylor: Michael Hamlin Taylor has been writing songs for over 20 years now. Like many musicians, he tried on what was popular during current musical culture, but always retained his approach; writing from the heart, regardless of what was popular at the time.

Nate Hagen: Nate is a local guitarist, harp guitarist, teacher and performer here in Salem and is quite versatile in his
experience and training. Witness his well-trained hands move between several instruments.